Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hot Air 2014 - Stoke Literary Festival

Last week, as I turned on my television, I was greeted with the lovely city of Stoke on one of the popular regional news shows. To my excitement, I found out that Stoke will, this year, host its first literary festival named Hot Air 2014

By Ashleigh McLeod

According to an article on The Sentinel, the festival will kick-start a mission to improve the city’s reading and writing skills after a sharp fall in GCSE results throughout the country last year.

During the weekend of June 20 to 22, over 15 nationally known and local authors will give festival goers the opportunity to enter the debate and question experts in their own fields. Joanna Trollope, David Starkey, Lauren Child and Emma Bridgewater are just some of the authors who are scheduled to make an appearance.

Am I right in saying that us business folk love an opportunity for a good debate where we can also reap the benefits? I bet I am. And I’m even surer this festival will represent such an opportunity.

Not only will the Hot Air festival give us good scope for culture in the glorious county of Staffordshire, but it will also give like-minded business people the chance to quiz some writing specialists and take away some good tips. The authors may not be particularly business focussed but they sure know how to please their readers and if some of their techniques can be applied to your copywriting skills why not go along?

After all, we all love a good excuse for a festival and surely, now is the time to lead young people by example. Let me know what you think about the festival by tweeting me on @AshleighMcLeod2.